Monday, October 20, 2008

kannur airport project will commence from mid-2009

The process of acquiring land in Kannur for the Kannur Airport is fast progressing .
2,008 acres of land will be needed for the project and 1,092 acres of land will be acquired by the end of January.
Of the total investment, 74 per cent will come from private participation, which will be invited through bids and Work on the proposed project will commence from mid-2009.

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Scorpio said...

North Malabar has long been neglected from the rest of Kerala state and its high time we do something good for this part. Almost all the development work has been going to Southern Kerala and at the maximum only upto Calicut towards north.

Even if you see the history of Kannur Airport, you will understand the disinterest by politicians against Kannur.

The airport was sanctioned in 1998 by then Aviation minister CM Ibrahim and see how much heck of a time it took to start any actual work. Looong 12 years are wasted. Do you think if this project was in Travancore or Cochin area would it have dragged so long?

My suggestion is to form a separate state for North malabar and make Kannur as the capital of this. Or at least they can shift the Kerala capital from Trivandrum to Kannur so that these areas also get some visibility and development.

The first idea of forming a seperate state was recently mentioned by Capt. CP Krishnan Nair (Leela) in one of his speeches.