Monday, June 15, 2009

An International Airport at Kannur with international standards

Kannur is a seaside city in the northern part of Kerala State in India. It is one of ten best cities in India to live according to the economics research firm Indicus Analytics, based on housing, earnings and investments. Apart from its idyllic beaches and greenery, Kannur is an important industrial center of the state.

13 percent of the population are employed overseas. Experts forecast that emigration from North Kerala is bound to increase in the coming years. An airport at Kannur, which can meet the demand of both airlines and passengers with facilities matching the international standards, merits strong consideration of the Government.

An International Airport at Kannur with international standards of safety and comfort is the aim of the government. Government of Kerala vide its order GO (MS)No.2/98/Tran dated 17.01.1998 accorded sanction for setting up Kannur International Airport and appointed KINFRA as the nodal agency for its implementation.

KINFRA engaged M/s. EMA Unihorn (India) Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon as consultant and they submitted their Techno Economic Feasibility Report in 2000, which was updated in 2005. This was submitted to the Government of India. The Ministry of Civil Aviation gave approval for setting up an International Airport at Kannur.


Scorpio said...

North Malabar has long been neglected from the rest of Kerala state and its high time we do something good for this part. Almost all the development work has been going to Southern Kerala and at the maximum only upto Calicut towards north.

Even if you see the history of Kannur Airport, you will understand the disinterest by politicians against Kannur.

The airport was sanctioned in 1998 by then Aviation minister CM Ibrahim and see how much heck of a time it took to start any actual work. Looong 12 years are wasted. Do you think if this project was in Travancore or Cochin area would it have dragged so long?

My suggestion is to form a separate state for North malabar and make Kannur as the capital of this. Or at least they can shift the Kerala capital from Trivandrum to Kannur so that these areas also get some visibility and development.

The first idea of forming a seperate state was recently mentioned by Capt. CP Krishnan Nair (Leela) in one of his speeches.


scorpio is absolutely right !
malabar has been neglected for so many years and it will be evident , when we see the developed towns in other pats of kerala, when travel across any where in kerala.
it is mainly due to the dishonest political leaders of our region, who will be showering a lot of promises at elections and once they become elected they will disappear.i am not telling about a particular political is applicable to all parties !
and, they know that we will support him in the next election also, because we malabaris , all, are also die -hard about one or other political party.
but, in other parts of kerala, people are not blind as we are !
they will support the politicians only if they find that they are worth electing , how much he has done to his constituency...... etc.